Friday, September 10, 2010

Banana Bean Cafe

Location:  Brewery District, Columbus, Ohio
Date:  Sept. 10, 2010

It was our first time in this "Floribbean" restaurant and we actually missed it because there's no sign along the side of the street.  I just saw it when we just passed it and had to make a U on the next block.  As we pulled in the parking lot, I noticed that they have a patio seating but I didn't feel like seating outside as the weather couldn't decide if its going to be cool or warm.  It's one of those September days again.

I felt a relaxed and laid back atmosphere the moment I came inside Banana Bean Cafe.   It's like I stepped inside a restaurant along Florida's sunny beach waters with my scarf and in an almost fall-like weather.  This picture I took doesn't do justice at all.

My hubby and I went there around noon time so it was great that they have a   brunch menu.  I've noticed in their drinks menu that they have a signature roast coffee.  When I ordered this, our server, Jennifer, said their coffee is from Stauf's thus, it must be good!

I've heard that their Eggs Del Mar ($14) is very good.  It has two poached eggs put on top of a house-made creole cornmeal-dusted crab cakes,
with seared spinach & roasted tomato hollandaise.  I've never cooked poached eggs before ( I didn't know how to)  and they made it amazingly soft and perfect.  The crab cakes are so tasty.  I've never thought this combination would work out perfectly.  This is highly recommended!

A meat-lover, hubby ordered Espresso Steak & Eggs ($15) which is cocoa & coffee rubbed 6oz Filet Mignon with two fried eggs and skillet red skin potatoes.

We also tried their Buttermilk Pancakes ($2).  It's like a dessert already as it came in late.  Jennifer apologized and said the chef had ran out of crushed almonds used in the pancakes batter so they had to make a new batch.  Their pancakes are rich and thick it made us full. I think they gave us 3 pancakes instead of just 2 which is specified in their menu.  Maybe to make up for its 'late arrival'.

It would seem that the 2 brunch items we ordered are not generous enough.  Maybe it would be a more satisfying meal if there are a couple of toasts on the side.  Good thing hubby thought of ordering the pancakes.  I want to try other items in the menu.  I'll be back!

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